For everyone (or the rest of us)

I started this blog because I realised, by watching many (too many) tutorials where they use way to expensive make-up products. Also, I got a sense that there’s an immperative “in the world” that only the labeled (read expensive) pieces are getting attention. Don’t get me wrong, there are magazines and sites that have a few articles about that, and they try to be more approachable, but still…I think they don’t try that much.

That one step that I needed to start has happened few days ago, when I watched a youtube tutorial where the make-up artist said how he/she used all Maybelline products for that “somethin-somethin” look for that actress the other night. I was like: “Yay! Finally!” Then she started recreating that look with all the expensive (only proffesional make-up artist can/have to buy) products. And I was like: “crap.” Then I scrolled through the comments and there it was. Somwhere in the world there was this girl that left the comment of what I was thinking, for sooo long. I know you’re out there (you regular-rather-buy-an-ice-cream-buyer, you) 😛 and I hope to start (or join) to the community that will find much approachable, but still quality products.

To be clear, I think you should invest in few good pieces (like good foundation, good shoes, good winter coat etc.) but 40 euros for a blush? No thanks, I would rather buy myself a good pair of shoes, an ice-cream and a pizza.

I mean, people who need make-up for bussiness (like TV-hosts, actors etc.) need that kind of make-up (and they can afford it) but, in my opinion, a regular teenage girl, a teacher, a saler or the rest of us “normal” or “basic” people really don’t need it (no, you really don’t). It’s totally ok to love labels (and buy them if you can), but for me, today, it just doesn’t makes sense.

So, without the further ado, I hope you (the reader) will enjoy my blog and all the make-up, fashion and fitness (and food too, as a part of that!) descoveries we’ll find together. Share yours descoveries with me! Let’s make make-up, fashion etc. more approachable for everyone!




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