Basic hair products that I use (and recommend)

People often ask me what I use to make my hair look so strong, so now you’ll have it here. 😄  About a year ago, I dyed my hair (just a slight balayage) and after a while (read: a few balayage treatments later), I realised I need to use something with keratin in it, and these products have that.

I tried many shampoos in my 20-something life and this is what I use for a year now (or more) and what works for me and my hair. If you have any suggestions or advice, share it with me in the comment section! (or if you’re shy-instagram direct or mail)😉

I use shampoo, conditioner and “therapy” (not sure how to translate this word, in german it’s “kur”. Anyway, that smallest pink tube 🙂 )  from Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur hair repair line the Liquid silk  (also known ase “the pink one”). The link is on german (I haven’t find the english one) but you can google it and you’ll find where you can buy that in your country (for Croatian girls – I buy them in Muller, I haven’t find them in other stores (DM or Bipa)). Sometimes (not everytime I wash my hair, I think it’s not recommended) I will use their serum.

When I want to curl my hair I use Syoss Full hair 5 foam while my hair is still wet, and after I curl it, I use Syoss Big Sexy Volume hair spray.

For those busy days, when I don’t have time to wash my hair or when I want a bit of freshness, I use the shampoo for which almost every youtuber swears for (and they’re not wrong) – Batiste dry shampoo.

The price for every product is around 3 euros (exept the serum – it’s around 10 euros, and the “kur/therapy” is 1 euro).

Here’s a picture of all the products together:



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