My fitness journey – part two. The workout.

Before reading any further, have in mind (I repeat myself now) that I am not a licenced trainer, I’m just writing what worked for me best.

After I studied my food, I searched for the workout. As I said in part one, I was overwhelmed by all those workouts, programmes etc. I turned off my computer and had a deep breath. I was ready to give it all up because it was so frustrating to find something that will be interesting or good for me.

Then I discovered a book in my family library. It was The workout by Jane Fonda. Now, I know, this is the part where you laugh, right? Wrong. (Except, if you can do the whole Fonda workout training with a smile – then you can laugh and I’ll buy you pizza and beer.) The book and the video were first released in 1982. In the next 13 years she released 22 workout videos. In that period Jane Fonda became a fitness guru. She is almost 80 today and I’ve seen she has some workout videos on youtube for seniors.

I started to read the introduction, the short part about the food matched with the philosophy of  The zone. Then I’ve looked through the excercises. It wasn’t so different from those “revolutionary-pay-only-20$-and-get-the-body-excercises” online. The main reason why I wasn’t willing to pay for these online excercises was because I didn’t know at the time that I will become addicted with excercising. Honestly, after failing so many times with this, I haven’t had faith in myself anymore. I had a feeling that I would waste my money. The workout is available online and it’s free. I know, it’s an old video, but I tried it because I haven’t got anything to loose at the time (except my weight 😛 ) and it worked out. 🙂

My friend downloaded it for me, so I don’t have to go online everytime, and this one had The beginners training and The advanced training. I started with the beginners training and I won’t lie to you, it was hard.

First you warm up, of course. Then you do the aerobics and you get out of breath and sweat like a pig (and that is good). Then you do the workout. You do your whole body. Not just the legs, or just the abs, or just the butt. Everything. Every time.

Whatever excercises you choose as your training, it is very important that you warm up and it is very important that you stretch after it. There are a lot of warm up and stretching videos on youtube you can find. Many people make a mistake when they skip this part. You won’t have sore muscels if you do this right.


Some people told me, when I’ve showed them The workout that it seems “too hard”. You know what, there’s no easy way to change your body. You need to work hard for the body you want. Don’t let all those online commercials fool you.

There is no easy way to change your body. (Repeat that sentence to yourself one more time.)

We are taught in this everyday life that everything has to happen immidiately and fast. You need to ask yourself: “How much time did I spent creating this body I have now?” I mean, nothing (even The workout) won’t change you over night. The unhealthy body is also built in years (think of just how many times you’ve eaten chips late at night in front of a TV?).

It is hard to make up your mind and be consistent in anything. But, I decided to do this because I was sooo tired of thinking about and counting my every bite, searching the new diet (because I’ve gotten fat after I stopped with the last one, duh), putting the bigger T-shirts on because I need to “cover up” everything.

The thing is, all that wasn’t really good enough reason for me to start my fitness journey. Well, not directly. The main reason was that I felt really bad in my own skin. Not because I didn’t fit in those pants, but because I was always tired, always dejected about doing anything. Think about it, if you haven’t done any workout by now…how are you coping with everyday life? Can you run up the stairs without losing your ability to speak or breathe? Or, if you are doing some training at the moment, you know how you feel when you skip it.

You probably have some fitness trainers or celebrities you wanna look alike, and that is ok as your motivator, but my advice is that you start to watch yourself and your own body. See how it changes after 4, 8 or 12 weeks of continuous work. Be your own motivation.



No excuses. I am the queen of procastination and excuses (yes, I was given the title by my own mother. And by my professor. And by the local librarian). Whenever you say any of this excuses (or find a new one), ask yourself: “Am I happy with where I am now? Am I feeling good in my own skin?” If the answer is yes, stop reading this, you don’t need it. You need to realize that those excuses aren’t doing you any good and you need to give yourself some “tough love” (because, it is a tough journey to take)…

“I don’t know where to start”

-I’ve given you the solution you can consider. You need to sit down and study the excercises. Deal with it. Otherwise, if you’re doing your excercises alone, you can hurt yourself. You don’t have to go to your national archive to do that. Just google it. You even don’t have to read, you can youtube it and watch a 3 minute  video and take notes.

“I don’t have money to buy healthy food”

-If you have money for the chips, you have money for the fruit. It is recomended that you buy “organic” but if you can’t afford it, buy regular lemon. It won’t kill you. It’s better than candy.

“I don’t have money for gym membership or a personal trainer”

-You can do excercise at home, this whole post is about that.

“I’m at school/college/work all day, I can’t eat heathy.”

-Prepair your meal and take it with you. (Yes, your bag will be heavier – better your bag than your body). The simple turkey sandwich you make at home (with the yummy bread you’ve made 😉 ) is better than pizza or chips.

“I don’t have time to work out.”

Yes, you have. Get up earlier or excercise in the evening. To get up earlier is hard (I know, I’m not a morning person too), but it’s doable if you get used to it. Shift your mind and realize that that is one more thing you have to do that day (as well as eat, dress yourself, go to work, go to shopping etc.) You might have heard that it’s not good to excercise in the evening. Trust me, anytime is better than no-time.


The trick is to trick your own mind. How? Don’t think too much, just do it. The hardest part is to find what will work for you. When you accept that you need to do the minimum of 3 times a week (as well as you have to go to work minimum 5 days a week) it will become your habit, and you won’t even notice it. Except when you skip your training. Then you will feel that you’re missing something.

And for the end 🙂 :



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