My favorite (drugstore only) makeup products

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Although I value those “pricey” makeup products (and there are really good ones), I think they are more intended for professionals… I am too stingy to give more than 200 kunas (30 euros) for any makeup product (ok, maybe for a really good foundation if you have skin problems). But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any high-quality products in that price range…

The foundation


It’s very important to invest in a good foundation because it covers most of your skin/face. Loreal True match foundation is the one I highly recommend if you’re like me and want to have that matt look on your face. I use the powder from the same line when I want that velvet-smooth finish effect. The shade I use is 2R/2c Vanilla rose. They are around 15 euros each, but it’s worth it. They cover up every irregularity that you might have.

I struggled a lot until I found a concealer that will work for me, because I am extremely pale and I couldn’t find the right one, but the one from Terra Naturi (shade Honey 02) works amazing AND it’s without any harmful ingredients.

For application, I recommend the highly popular makeup sponge. Buy yourself a good one, they’re not so expensive, look the one that makes your fingers bounce right back when you press it (the demonstration will be available on Instagram and Facebook 🙂 )

The eye shadows

I learned the hard way that buying those big eyeshadow pallets doesn’t pay off. Especially if you’re as clumsy as I am and there is a potential danger that it falls down and shatters into a million pieces 😛 Also, smaller pallets are easier to carry with you when you go on a trip.

I am all about matt this year, and so are my eye-shadows. I mostly use the pink one (as you can see in the picture, sorry) and the brown one. Many eyeshadow pallets say they are matt but they have tiny glitter on it and it can get annoying, but these Bell 4 mat eyeshadows are the greatest (AND they cost around 10 euros)!


With the brown palette (for that boudoir makeup look 😉 ) I use Douglas matt eyeshadow (no. 18). Or, if I want the glittery pink finish I use Essence eyeshadow no.68 strawberry ice cream shimmer effect.

Eyeliner (pencil)

I rarely use the Liquid eyeliner because I already have a smaller crease and get the feeling that it closes my eyes too much (when I did, I used the Essence liquid ink eyeliner).

The wholly grail of my eyeliner is the black pencil from Eveline cosmetics:


It is nice and creamy (but doesn’t smudge) and has a little sponge on the other end if you want that smokey look. I use the Catrice gel eyeliner brush (the angled end) for the application (I get the most precise touch with it). Both, pencil and brush, cost no more than 5 euros.

With the brown palette I’ll often use the brown Wet’n’wild Kohl eyeliner and the white Kiko Fine Art eye pencil in the shade 01.  (Digression: KIKO makeup and nail top coats are excellent! We don’t have them in Croatia, but if you find yourself in Italy they have stores there (I buy their products in outlet, when I found myself in Italy and they have everything in a normal price range 🙂 ). Before Kiko pencil, I used the white shade of the same Wet’n’wild line as the brown one.

Her majesty – the mascara


I have 3 mascaras at the moment because I always want to try new ones (or the old ones which have gotten better). I bought the Max factor 2000 calorie mascara today, because my friend called me saying Bipa store has “1+1” action and this mascara is in the offer. I used this mascara a long time ago but don’t recall why I stopped. Anyway, it was a bargain because two mascaras were for the price of one, and those remaining two in the picture are at the end so why not.

Loreal miss manga mega volume black angel mascara is the absolute favorite of the nation – whenever I ask for the best mascara in the store, they recommend this one (and I agree with them).

If you want a cheaper (but still good) mascara then Eveline Big Volume Lash waterproof mascara is your pick. It costs around 4 euros (or even less), but the thing is…every time I go to the store they don’t have any…so I guess you need to buy at least two when you find it.


As you can see in the picture, I have a lot of favorite lipsticks at the moment 😀

As I said, I’m all about matt, so if the lipstick I have isn’t matt, I’ll put the matt one over it. Mixing the lipsticks is the fun part. You can have as many shades as you can think of.

I use (almost every day) Essence velvet stick matt lip color in the shade 02 peony star with the pink Golden rose velvet matt lipstick no. 07. I get that violet-purple-pink shade (which is my absolute favorite). When I want a little more “reddish” option, I use Essence matt lipstick 03, Wow effect. But, I always use the pink Golden rose at the end because it lasts longer.

The Golden Rose matt lipsticks are the best! They don’t come off (I still have them after I’ve eaten my lunch!) and they cost around 6 euros! I also use their beige shade (no. 03) and the pink-red shade (no. 11).

Before I discovered Golden Rose, I bought the classic red matt lipstick (which I think  every girl should have) Bourjois rouge edition Velvet, shade: 03 Hot pepper. This one costs a little more (around 10 euros), but it’s worth it. It doesn’t come off (which is great when you go out – it lasts all night without any additional aplication).

Maybelline New York also has great matt lipsticks (although they cost a bit more – around 8 euros). I use the Magnetic Magenta 950 and it also lasts long.

These were my favorites, hope you’ll find this post useful. If you have any products to recommend, I am open for suggestions!



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