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Many people neglect their nail polish routines during the winter…I’m not one. (Hello, my name is Hana and I’m a nail polish addict 😛 ).  You’ll have to put your hands out of those gloves at some point. You might as well shine (it’s a holiday season anyway so while you are finding the right gift for your loved ones, don’t forget to treat yourself as well 😀 )

Now, right at the beginning, a disclaimer…this is NOT sponsored by Golden rose (I wish). I just really, really, really like their products (and also, their prices).

Now…let’s begin.

First, this is my nail polish collection (well, a big part of it. These are the ones I currently use the most).img_20161126_200715

The Golden Rose have the BEST nail polishes and they cost around 3-4 euros!

The RICH COLOR line is good, the brush is just the right shape so it covers your nail, so you can apply your nail polish easier.

Numbers from left to right: 43, 46, 18, 113, 117

My absolute favorite at the moment is the Ice Chic line. The color are amazing and I have a feeling that they last soooo long.

Numbers from left to right: 306, 07, 43, 23

Now, these ones I have for a quite some time and the white one is my apsolute no. 1. Before it I bought soo many “white” nails that were just limpid. This is the white like “wall-paint-white”.  I have it for so long that the number is wiped down but my friend uses the same shade Golden rose Color Expert in no.2.

The light blue is in shade 181, and the matt dark blue one (which I really didn’t have to buy because I already have that shade and the matte top coat, but what can I do) is no. 22.

Yes, it is Christmas already in my apartment. I went shenanigans before I wrote this post 🙂 

Now…the rest 🙂

The next nail polishes were a present, I haven’t bought them myself but I googled the prices.

For pastels, I love,love,love my Essie violet shade (no.37) and my Eveline Color edition pastel shade (no. 915). The Essie nail polishes are great but they are a bit more pricey (10 euros), but I don’t have a feeling it’s anything more special than the rest of my polishes.

The Maybelline NY Colorama polishes darker shades are great! (Not the big fan of their lither shades, though). The one at the picture is no. 335.

My black nail polish is from Catrice, no. 39 and I must say, I was a bit skeptic, because when I use the black nail polishes they quickly starts to show “the little white stripe” at the top of the nail (you know, like I have it for a month) but a friend bought it for me because she uses it herself and it really works! This one is a keeper if you’re looking for a good black polish!


Before the end, back to the basic.

The APSOLUTE WINNER of nail repair products is the Eveline cosmetics 8in1 Total action intensive nail conditioner. Trust me, after you try this one, you’ll throw away all those money-waste nail repair products (I know I did). They (and I) guarantee that within the 10 days of using it, you’ll have stronger, thicker, longer nails. I use it as a repair treatment but also as a base coat before I put my nail polish.

The KIKO Matte effect and KIKO Gel effect top coats are my “top secret ingredient” to any of these nail polishes. Not only that you get the effect you want, but they make my nail polish to last longer!


At the end, these are going to be my use-every-week ones for this Holiday season 🙂 (And yes, I wanted to show my Christmas decoration).

I am in love with The Golden rose Holiday nail polishes!! The give you that “sandy effect” and I will definitely combine them with the white and red polishes this holiday season! The ones at the picture are the gold (no.82) and silver (no.51) ones 🙂

:* :* :*


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